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The Illusionists examines how global advertising firms, mass media conglomerates, and the beauty, fashion, and cosmetic surgery industries are changing the way people around the world define beauty and see themselves. Taking us from the halls of Harvard University to the galleries of the Louvre Museum, from a cosmetic surgeon’s office in Beirut to the heart of Tokyo’s Electric Town, the film explores how these industries saturate our lives with narrow, Westernized, consumer-driven images of beauty that show little to no respect for biological realities or cultural differences. The film features interviews with prominent sociologists, politicians, magazine editors, scientists and activists in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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The director’s cut of The Illusionists (85 minute version) is now available on for home use*. You can rent it for $4.99 or buy it (as a digital download) for $8.99. This month The Illusionists is partnering with three non-profit organizations and donating part of the proceeds to them (scroll down to find out more).

*Schools and non-profits interested in The Illusionists must buy an educational license from the Media Education Foundation (see options on the right). The version available on VHX does not cover screenings in academic institutions, libraries, or any type of public screening; it is limited to private use at home.

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You can order The Illusionists via our educational distributor: the Media Education Foundation. You can choose from a wide variety of rental and purchase options: 1-week, 1-year, and 3-year streaming licenses and/or a physical DVD.

The full-length educational version of the film (52 minutes) and an abridged version (43 minutes — edited for language and content for younger viewers) are both included on the same DVD.

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You can stream or buy a physical copy of The Illusionists via our distributor: the Media Education Foundation.

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Buy the film from one of the links below and support a wonderful organization

The Illusionists is partnering with and supporting The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt – a leading treatment center for eating disorders based in Towson, Maryland – the Greater L.A. Chapter of U.N. Women and Beauty Redefined – a wonderful non-profit whose mission is to redefine the meaning and value of beauty in our lives.

When you buy The Illusionists, you are already supporting:
– women filmmakers
– independent films
– a movement advocating for a body image revolution

And now, you can also benefit one of these three incredible organizations.

Here’s how: BUY a digital copy of the film using one of the three buttons below – depending on which organization you want to support. 25% of proceeds will be donated to the group of your choosing. And you know what? You could even give more than the set $8.99 price: VHX allows you to give up to 209 dollars per copy. There’s a scale at the top of the checkout page that you can adjust, after you select BUY.

One last thing: if you want to buy a digital copy of The Illusionists as a gift, simply click on the button “Gift It” and enter the email address of your friend. You can even set a specific date for the delivery: Christmas Day, or their birthday for example.

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