The Democratization of Beauty – And Its Consequences

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From Susie Orbach’s book “Bodies”:

Until recently, we’ve taken our bodies for granted. We’ve hoped that we would be blessed with good health and, especially if we are female, good looks. Those who saw their body as their temple, or became magnificent athletes or iconic beauties, were the exception. We didn’t expect to be like them. Like gifted scientists, historians, writers, directors, explorers or cooks, their talents extended and enhanced the world we lived in, but we didn’t expect this beauty, prowess of brainpower of ourselves.

[But] over the past thirty years the new grammar of visual culture, the notion of the consumer as empowered, the workings of the diet, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic surgery, and style industries, and the democratization of aspiration have made us view the body we live in as a body we can, must, and should perfect.