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Previous screening partners have included:

Baltimore, MD — Baltimore Tour
San Francisco, California — Silicon Valley Tour
Paris, France — St Jean de Passy
Paris, France — Parsons Paris Masterclass
Dublin, Ireland — InspireFest
New York City — NEDA Awareness Week
San Francisco — 3% Conference
London, UK — Women of the World
Venice, Italy — Art Night Venezia
New York City — Athena Film Festival
Tokyo, Japan — Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center
Paris, France — EPWN

Baltimore, MD: Baltimore Tour

Multiple screenings, Q&As, workshops and masterclasses in the Baltimore area, at Towson University, Goucher College, Bryn Mawr, St Paul’s School for Girls, Krieger Schechter Day School and Jewish Community Services. The tour was featured on news stations WBAL and Fox 45 Live. For more information about the tour, check out: Baltimore Tour.

San Francisco, CA: Silicon Valley Tour

The Silicon Valley Tour of The Illusionists included screenings and talks at UC Berkeley and at the headquarters of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple. For more information about the tour, check out: Silicon Valley Tour.

Paris, France: Saint Jean de Passy

Multiple screenings and Q&As for high school juniors and seniors at the private school Saint-Jean-de-Passy.

Paris, France: Parsons School of Design

Masterclass: a screening of The Illusionists, followed by a talk with visual artist Yolanda Dominguez.

Dublin: InspireFest

June 2015

Screening of the TV cut (51 min) of The Illusionists, followed by a Q&A.

New York City: NEDA Awareness Week

February 2015

Screening of a special 20 minute cut of The Illusionists, followed by a panel discussion with Jenn Pozner, Yomi Abiola, Dr. Laura Sproch and Ignacio Oreamuno – special event for NEDA Awareness Week.

San Francisco: The 3% Conference

November 2014

“Repicturing Women” panel discussion with Pam Grossman of Getty Images/The Lean In Collection.

London, U.K.: Women of the World Festival

March 2014

Screening of the first three minutes of The Illusionists at the Women of the World Festival – at London’s Southbank Center. For the details, see:

photo gallery: click here (external link)

Venice, Italy: Art Night Venezia

June 2013

Screening of The Illusionists‘ 14 minute preview at Art Night Venezia, an all night art exhibition in over 200 locations in the city of Venice. Locations: Venice’s Academy of Fine Arts and the University Cà Foscari. For the details, see: (in Italian).

photo gallery: click here (external link)

New York City, US: Athena Film Festival

February 2013

Preview screening at the Athena Film Festival – “Works in Progress” section.

photo gallery: click here (external link)

Tokyo, Japan: Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center

June 2012

Talk & preview screening for the Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center.

Paris, France: EPWN at Deloitte’s

November 2011

Presentation for the European Professional Women’s Network – at Deloitte’s.

Tour Testimonials

“I’ve seen The Illusionists several times now and each day since, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, some part of the film will resonate with me.  Whether it is a quote (“We’re losing bodies like we are losing languages”), a statistic (the amount of time we are currently exposed to media and will be exposed to media in the future), or just the simple understanding of the impact that mass media has on every single one of us, no matter how secure we are, I no longer look at advertisements the same.  I have a better personal understanding of beauty versus glamour from this film and a better understanding of myself too.  To have witnessed the impact that this film had on everyone who saw it was incredibly moving for me.  I truly believe that I am a better social work practitioner as a result of the messages in The Illusionists.”

Rachael Abrams, Parent Outreach Specialist for Jewish Community Services

“The film was very powerful for me to experience personally as well as to hear the conversations at Towson afterwards. Body image, health, consumer culture and societal and gendered expectations of beauty are all topics that are part of our daily lives. For young college students as well as older adults dealing with aging, I think the film touched a nerve or two with everyone in the audience. I think the impact was to get us thinking about our part in this conversation and what we can be doing for ourselves and our physical and mental well-being.”

Mahnoor Ahmed, Associate Director, Student Diversity and Development at Towson University

“The film took seven years to complete – seven years – and it shows. Elena produced an inspiring and touching film and introduced topics that I had never before thought about. I’ve seen the film five-times and would see it 500 more.”

Ilana Posner,