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Our Partners


Adios Barbie is the body image site for every body, promoting healthy body image and identity for people of all sizes, races, ages, sexual orientations and abilities.


Beauty Redefined is a nonprofit organization directed by Lindsay Kite, PhD, and Lexie Kite, PhD, dedicated to teaching people to recognize and reject harmful messages about women’s bodies. Through our website,, and speaking engagements for large groups in both secular and religious settings, we work to take back beauty for girls and women everywhere!


Brave Girls Alliance is a powerhouse think tank and advocacy group of the all-stars in the girl power space to aggregate our communities and our voices so that corporations, media creators, and retailers can understand how mainstream our message is.


Endangered Bodies is a local-global initiative, challenging the current toxic culture that promotes negative body image. Our aim is to save future generations from the misery that turns people against their own bodies.

Heraty Law

Heraty Law PLLC is a law firm specializing in serving the needs of businesses and professionals in the entertainment, media, and design industries.


We envision a world where individuals are valued for who they are rather than how they look. REbeL is a student-led education and prevention program that addresses concepts such as the acceptance of diversity in body size and shape, the consequences of dieting, the development of eating issues, and the impact of culture and media on these issues.


Shape Your Culture is a project run by AnyBody UK to help girls and young women realize their unique skills, create their own media and tell their stories. Our mission is to confront the causes of body hatred on a variety of levels, including the community, contemporary culture, politics and commercial practices.


Shaping Youth’s mission is to shift negative influences of pop culture to a healthier worldview for kids. Our appearance-based, consumption-driven, behavioral cues are undermining children’s emotional and physical health, so we’re recruiting powerhouse thinkers, technologists, animators, film directors, educators and youth themselves to use the power of media for positive change via film, web, hands-on education, & enrichment programs.


Stephanie Heart is a non-profit organization established to engage, empower and mentor young women as well as encourage dialogue and analysis of the ways women are portrayed in media, therefore working to bring about a positive change in the lives of young women. The organization recognizes the need for positive self-image and sense of self-awareness driving the message that you CAN be who you want to be in life – YOU decide and not the media or social stereotypes.