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According to news site, Australian consumer group Choice sent three women to thirty clinics in the Brisbane and Melbourne areas to investigate cosmetic surgery practices. The women, passing off as prospective patients, would inquire about treatments such as liposuction, breast augmentation and Botox.

The results were quite shocking. The article reports:

Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn said the most remarkable statement to any of the women was that she would have an improved chance of finding a partner if she had her breasts enlarged. 

“It’s incredibly surprising that a doctor would say that. Talk about playing to people’s insecurities,” Mr Zinn said. 

Most concerning was failure to explain the dangers, such as leakage and scarring. 

“Given the known risks and the unwillingness of some cosmetic surgeons to discuss them, there needs to be stronger regulation,” Mr Zinn said. 

Money, money, money.

Original article here.