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A Real Role Model: Jacqueline Novogratz


From Slate magazine:

A Banker Bridges the Wealth Gap – A podcast with Jacqueline Novogratz.
[…] Host Daniel Gross interviews Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of the Acumen Fund and author of The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World. Novogratz, who plunged into development work after a brief stint as a banker, started a nonprofit venture fund to provide backing to profit-making firms that address the needs of the global poor. The Blue Sweater is part memoir of the misadventures of an ambitious do-gooder and part subtle polemic about the need to change the way we think about foreign aid.

The podcast page is here.

Ms. Novogratz discusses at length her experience helping out women in the developing world. Her story is incredibly inspiring – I highly recommend you listen to it.