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I have recently received an email from a dear friend, outraged at the announcement that the Australian government has decided to ban adult publications and films featuring small breasted women. I have asked her for permission to republish her message here, since her reaction speaks volumes…

Here is an extract from the article, featured on Boing Boing, which my friend quoted:

The Australian Classification Board (ACB) is now banning depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films. They banned mainstream pornography from showing women with A-cup breasts, apparently on the grounds that they encourage paedophilia, and in spite of the fact this is a normal breast size for many adult women. Presumably small breasted women taking photographs of themselves will now be guilty of creating simulated child pornography, to say nothing of the message this sends to women with modestly sized chests or those who favour them. Australia has also banned pornographic depictions of female ejaculation, a normal orgasmic sexual response in many women, with censors branding it as ‘abhorrent’.

Full article here.

And here is the commentary from my friend:

As a “small-breasted” woman who sees how the entire world is becoming silicone-injected, this is infuriating, insulting and enraging!  This is just another thing that is pushing images of women farther and farther from reality.  And for those of us who are real and want to love our bodies as they are, this kind of thing makes it an even steeper up-hill battle. And that last sentence, while I don’t watch pornography, is shocking in 2010.  “Abhorrent”?  Seriously?

Disturbing indeed.

What are your thoughts on the issue?