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I have a weekend ritual: every Saturday just before lunchtime, I download the latest episode of BBC 5 Live’s Film Reviews onto my iPhone, head to the kitchen, and spend the next hour cooking an elaborate meal while I listen to my favorite BBC hosts, Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, as they trade witty remarks about the latest film releases. I have been doing this for years – never missing a single podcast, even when work or travel brought me to faraway places like Tokyo and New York City. I simply adore Simon and Mark.

Mark in particular is known for his feminist views, often chastising films that denigrate women, like “The House Bunny” or “The Hottie and the Nottie“. And this past week, he superbly railed against the (misogynistic) British film “Pimp“.

Here is a transcript of his words:

It is interesting how we kind of got to the point that people can be forgiven for casual misogyny in a way that you’d never be forgiven for casual racism. And there is this pernicious undertone through this whole lad culture that somehow it’s actually alright to be funny about being horrible to women. […] It’s not.

Thank you Mark! Well said.