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An Important Appeal: Stop this “Monster”

Disturbing. Revolting. Disheartening.

These are some of the adjectives that come to mind to describe Kanye West’s latest music video.

The people involved in the production of the clip “Monster” should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. The video, chock-full of scantly dressed dead models, manages to both trivialize and glamorize violence against women AND necrophilia.

The groups Adios Barbie, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia and Collective Shout have started a petition – addressed to the heads of Universal Music Group and MTV – with the aim of preventing the video from being released.

An excerpt from the petition:

The shocking and demeaning images of slain women, fetishized and eroticized in the video clip, suggest that violence against women is sexy. The 30-second clip sends the message that women as lifeless and passive objects are sexually appealing.

Your vote is very much needed – please consider signing the petition by clicking on this link: