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Dear readers – today is the day. I have *finally* launched the fundraising campaign for my project “The Illusionists” – a feature-length documentary about the commodification of the body and the marketing of unattainable beauty around the world.

Please watch the presentation in the video above or read more about it on

The goal is to raise 33,000 dollars in 43 days; if the campaign is successful, I will start filming interviews in the United States in September, continuing then in Europe and finishing roughly 2/3 of all the interviews needed for the film by the end of this year.

There are amazing experts already lined up for the interviews, including author & filmmaker Jean Kilbourne (best known for her iconic film series “Killing Us Softly“), psychotherapist Susie Orbach (best known for her books “Fat is a Feminist Issue” and “Bodies“), and Jenn Pozner (author of “Reality Bites Back“; she was recently featured in the New Yorker and on NPR). I’m also hoping to interview Umberto Eco and photographer Oliviero Toscani, amongst others.

Your help is crucial. I decided to run a fundraising campaign on because there is a lot of censorship surrounding these issues. Funding the film independently, through people’s donations, is the only way I can be completely candid about these topics, without interference from media companies.

I hope you will help by donating (there are rewards for all budgets) and by spreading the word about this campaign.

Thank you so much!