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Celebrity Culture & Ideal Bodies – The New Frontier

My friend Pippa just sent me a link to this article – that simply left me speechless: “Perfect Pop Star Is Revealed As Digital Fake.”

It has been revealed that a member of Japan’s biggest girl band does not actually exist. Fans of the group AKB48 were shocked to learn that the newest addition to the group, Aimi Eguchi, is in fact a computer-generated avatar.

According to the report,

Computer boffins took features from six of the other members to create Aimi Eguchi, the perfect pop star. She appeared in TV ads and music videos with her band mates, without anyone spotting she wasn’t real.

The video below explains how Aimi Eguchi was created: the computer engineers cherry-picked features from six members of the band AKB48: someone’s outline, someone else’s nose, eyes, mouth, and eyebrows. And thus Aimi Eguchi was created. Fans became suspicious of her existence when she participated in TV commercials and advertisements – activities usually reserved for only the most popular members of the band (they’re 58, total, and Aimi was the latest addition, with the least experience).

Apparently this isn’t a new phenomenon in Japan. According to the Huffington Post, Hatsune Miku – a computer-generated pop star created by Crypton Future Media – plays sold out concerts in Japan. How you may ask? Through a realistic-looking, real size hologram. Her voice is generated by software:

Is this what the future will hold?