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Millions of American men have been transformed into body-conscious consumers of revealing fashions, seductive perfumes, and the services of hairstylists, personal trainers, and plastic surgeons. Due credit for this transformation must be given to advertisers, marketers, and self-esteem gurus, who have sold men – and all of us – a message of self-transfiguration through self-commodification. The traditional image of women as sexual objects has simply been expanded: everyone has become an object to be seen.

– Lynne Luciano

Looking Good: Male Body Image in Modern America (on Amazon)

Some evidence, in ten images:

Below: an ad for a cosmetic surgery center (Italy). The copy reads: “We don’t discriminate based on gender.”

Below: an ad for a slimming cream (France). The copy reads: “Eliminate love handles in 8 days.” The slogan: “Beauty has its method.”

Below: two ads by Somatoline – a cream that promises to tone abs and eliminate belly fat. The second ad says: “It helps you slim down in 4 weeks while you sleep.”

“Touch, it’s leather.”

I found this brochure by Juviderm (Botox-like injections) especially targeting men… in the office of an ear doctor (of all places!). The copy says that through the injections men can “reclaim their confidence.”

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