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Two weeks after the launch of the #adoptTheIllusionists social media campaign, the blog post that started it all – “It Only Takes One Person” – has been shared some 1,236 times (and counting) on Twitter. Mind = blown! I have tried my best to send thank you notes to each and every one of you… I’m humbled by your incredible support and I feel even more determined to: (a) make The Illusionists as good as it can be and (b) keep hustling, so that The Illusionists can get more exposure and hopefully find a home in a great festival and/or a good distributor that can take the film to the next level.

I’d like to share with you today the latest developments with #adoptTheIllusionists. There are so many exciting leads…


I’ll be taking The Illusionists to this year’s Cannes Film Festival!

I will be spending four days in Cannes – it’s my third time at the festival – and I already have some scheduled meetings with American and European producers and distributors. Last year I made many amazing connections at the film market… but The Illusionists was still in the midst of post-production. This year it’s a totally different game, as the film is 99% finished.

The crème de la crème of the film world will be in Cannes, including my favorite actors, producers and directors. I already have my eyes set on a couple of actors who could be amazing narrators for the film. I may ask for your help during the festival, sending supportive #adoptTheIllusionists tweets to grab their attention. I can’t wait to be there!

Other Leads

#adoptTheIllusionists put the film on the radar of several festival programmers: I have been invited to submit screeners for consideration to several European festivals.

On the distribution side, this week I have an important meeting with two people who have offered to introduce me to French TV programmers and international distributors.

I’m now pursuing other leads for the gig of voice-over narrator, since the amazing Stephen Fry “remains interested in the project” but won’t be able to offer his services as narrator.

Mum’s The Word

This is extremely frustrating, but, at the risk of sounding like a terrible tease (I’m sorry!), I am not allowed to share about 80% of the most intriguing developments that have resulted from #adoptTheIllusionists.

In any business – but in film in particular – discretion and caution are two paramount qualities. “Kissing and telling” is something looked down upon and can be detrimental to the future of any film project.

So, let me just say that the film currently has some very impressive suitors and allies… along with incredibly generous matchmakers who have been recommending it to A-list stars in the U.S. and U.K. Thanks to the wonderful help of a friend, the film grabbed the attention of some American actors who could be great ambassadors for the project… so last week I went to FedEx to send them copies of the film. I’m currently waiting to hear back from them.

Now we’ll just have to be patient and allow for things to take their natural course. All fingers and toes crossed!

What You Can Do To Help

Thanks to your extraordinary support on Twitter, The Illusionists grabbed the attention of virtually all my favorite blogs and non-profits organizations. Jezebel, Sociological Images, Feministing and Indiewire wrote about the film. Miss Representation, Adbusters and the FBomb shared supportive tweets about our 4 minute open… Something that has yet to happen – and that could make a HUGE difference for the film – is coverage on Upworthy. I have tweeted messages about The Illusionists to several Upworthy editors and curators, but I have yet to hear anything back. If you could share any of the messages below, and get The Illusionists on the radar of Upworthy, I’d be so grateful!

.@Upworthy this powerful 4 minute video by @illusionists can change the way we look at advertising:

Friday May 9th UPDATE: WE MADE IT!!!

Our teaser is featured in this amazing Upworthy post: “Advertising Seems Harmless … Until You See It For What It Really Is” by Maz Ali.

Thank you for the dozens of tweets that made this possible!!!

By the way, last week we were also featured in New York Magazine’s The Cut and the New York Post!

Thank you for your incredible support and I hope to share more positive developments with you soon!

– Elena