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From the Archives: Is Feminism Dead?


While filing old articles into their appropriate folders on my computer, I stumbled upon a 1998 TIME magazine essay by Ginia Bellafante, about the “death of feminism.”

So many things rang true, some 10 years later. Indeed, publishing date and Ally McBeal references aside, the article could have been written today. Which is quite sad.

Most poignant quotes:

If feminism of the ’60s and ’70s was steeped in research and obsessed with social change, feminism today is wed to the culture of celebrity and self-obsession.


You’ll have better luck becoming a darling of feminist circles if you chronicle your adventures in cybersex than if you churn out a tome on the glass ceiling.


Full article here.

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  • Julien says:

    I’m not so sure this cover is bad (old) news. 10 years later, feminists all over the planet are still active. Feminism is not dead, nor dying.

    For sure, there is a generation gap, and older feminists don’t always see feminism whan it doesn’t look like in the 70’s.