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The Illusionists is one year old this week. So many positive things have happened since its start… Which I will write more about soon…

For the time being, here is a walk down memory lane: one of the first blog posts about the film project, when I had yet to start the bulk of the research…The amusing thing about it, is the fact I have met/spoken with almost all of the women mentioned in that post – who have all been incredibly supportive of the project, generous in their offer to help, and a delight to talk with.

Where am I today? I’m about to complete the second draft of the film’s script and things on the development side are also looking up.

The other big announcement of the day? I’m seriously thinking about starting a non-profit organization – aimed at enhancing women’s self-image, and shedding light on issues such as wage gap, and gender inequality.

One step at a time. But as Lao Tsu wisely said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Elena