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The Objectification of Girls in the Media: a discussion by Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem, and Jehmu Green

In this video produced by CBS @KatieCouric, the CBS anchor discusses the sexualization of young girls in popular culture with Ms. Magazine founder Gloria Steinem and the president of the Women’s Media Center Jehmu Green.

Here are some highlights.

Katie Couric:

The objectification of women seems to be so in your face these days whether it’s with artists or rap stars… That’s kind of a tired argument, but it’s still very prevalent in pop culture. And even in the way women are presenting themselves, it seems to be that they’d rather be viewed as “hot” than accomplished.

(Precisely the reason why I created No Country for Young Women)

Jehmu Green:

There are decisions being made in small executive offices by mostly white men about the images they want to see their artists producing and especially how they portray African American young women is problematic. […] In many ways that’s driven mainly by a profit-centered reality of these executives. And that is why we are seeing a lot of young women finally finding their voice and pushing back against those images.

What saddens me is the following: why are such important topics relegated to the website of CBS News and are not discussed in the actual news broadcast at 6:30?

To learn more about the Women’s Media Center, visit their official website.