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Fifty Nude Women: Looking for a Part-Time Marketing Assistant for Body Positive Short Film

Margot Roth, a filmmaker friend who made a wonderful short film called FIFTY NUDE WOMEN: A MUSICAL MONTAGE, is looking for a Marketing Assistant.

Her film – filled with hundreds of realistic images of women’s bodies of all ages, sizes, and shapes – is a simple, fun, and thought-provoking eye-opener. It’s both a clever educational tool, and a delightful celebration of women’s diversity.

I had actually written about the project a couple of years ago: you can revisit that post here (link).

Here’s the ad – I hope you can help:


I have 1200 surplus DVDs of a short film to distribute/ sell/ donate. Looking for someone (anywhere in the USA) to work from their own home or space doing some initial marketing/outreach, and then to fulfill orders over the next year or so.

About the film:

  • It’s an educational tool that provides healthy, realistic images of the female body. Light & lovely in tone. (It’s fun, not didactic!)
  • For more info on the project and film, visit:
  • I’m leaving the country for China for the next two years and I can’t physically store the DVDs, nor will be able to fulfill the sporadic orders I get.
  • I already have a website and “storefront” set up. But I have done zero publicity, outreach, marketing etc. for years.

Specifically, I am looking for someone who would be able to do the following:


  • Store 5 boxes of DVDs somewhere!
  • Fulfill any orders (a system is all set up; you just have to pop them in the mail when an order comes in)


  • Do some online promo stuff to get the word out there about this project
  • Coordinate the donation of DVDs to charities/groups that could use them for education (I have a partial list of potential non-profit org’s already)
  • Contact Women & Gender Studies’ Programs to promote film for use in curriculum

Time commitment:  Flexible. For the outreach part, this could take a few hours a week over the course of several weeks. It could be a couple phone calls or emails ea. day for a month. It could be a solid 2 days. V. flexible.

Compensation:  $1000; plus a percentage of every sale.

The best person would be someone interested in these issues who has knowledge or contacts in the community.

If interested, please contact:

Margot Roth, producer
margot (at) fiftywomen (dot) com

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